Experience the total solar eclipse with us

On the 12th of August, 2026, there will be a total solar eclipse visible in a part of Northern Spain.

We are lucky enough to be situated in the path of totality of this eclipse!


Because of this we would like to offer our guests something special: the Riberduero Eclipse Event.

In order to have the best view on the eclipse, we´ve rented the castle of Peñafiel for witnessing totality. At a hight of 853m above sea level we will have wide views over the Iberian Meseta. We will be allowed to be on the outer walls, the deck + inner walls and the tower to set up equipment or just enjoy the spectacular view.

Totality in 2026 will be relatively brief all across Spain, and from Peñafiel it will last 1m36s . The partial eclipse begins at 7:34 p.m. local time (Sun 18° high); mideclipse is at 8:29:42 p.m. with the Sun 8° above the western horizon; and sunset follows at 9:17 p.m. with partial eclipse still in progress.

We are organizing our Riberduero Eclipse Event exclusively for our camping guests. You can now pre-book your Eclipse package (Event + accommodation).


Don´t wait too long! Our bungalows are already fully booked and there are only a few comfort and superior pitches left.


For more information and/or pre-booking, you can email to info@campingriberduero.com

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